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Samantha Paige Makes It Easy To: Insert Verb Here

April 25,2019

I don’t know about you, but when I look at this pic of Samantha Paige, my brain totally freezes up. Or is it that my brain becomes a gooey, sticky mess? That’s the thing, Sam Paige just has an uncanny way of making the entire body stiffen up and then WHAM! it just melts. You’re immediately caught by her eyes, but the desire to grab hold of her hips is too much too strong to ignore… And don’t even get me started about wanting to reach out and … oh to hell with it – I’m done! Back to being a gooey, sticky mess.
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Kendra Sunderland Beach Fantasy 419

April 19,2019

Imagine you’re jogging along the water’s edge, watching the cruise ships out in the ocean when you run across a relaxing Kendra Sunderland carelessly sunning herself in the hot sand. You stop to say hello, knowing exactly who she is … she invites you to sit and asks you to lotion her back… Well sure, that might be your fantasy, in our fantasy, she never says a word, she just pulls us to the sand and takes control.. much like she does in her Premium Snapchat
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I Know How I Want To Spend My Weekend!

April 12,2019

See that chair? Well throw that thing out of the way and put me right there. Kqquintana just grabbed my undivided attention, and while the view from here looks pretty damned good, the view on her Private Feed and Premium Snap leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination — except hearing her voice screaming “harder, faster” …
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Shelby Bending At The Waist Is Just An Invitation To Trouble

April 10,2019

Bum, butt, bottom, tush, ass, whatever term you want to use, Shelby has got to have one of the sweetest ones ever created. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out in about 3 seconds that Shelby’s ass is the stuff fantasies are made of. Well we say screw the fantasy (literally)! Bring on the Premium Snap and lets add Shelby’s ass to our bucket list. Hell, if you think her ass looks incredible, wait til you turn her around and see the front – She’s an absolute 13 on the Pop Scale – but don’t take our word for it – subscribe now and test our Pop Ratio for yourself!
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