What is Viamo?

Viamo is a free social platform available for anyone to join. Content can only be posted by registered models and photographers.

Is Viamo free?

The models and photographers determine whether content they post is free or locked. In order to view locked content, you must subscribe to their channel.

What's the difference between FOLLOWING a model and SUBSCRIBING?

You can follow any model or photographer on the site completely free - all you have to do is register for a free account. Following a model allows you to view all of her public photos. When you Subscribe to a model, you get full access to all of her private content which can include exclusive content and uncensored photos and videos. Some models even offer access to thier Premium Snapchat Accounts.

Why do some models have locked content and others do not?

Content creators on Viamo have the option to post free content in the public area or they can post exclusive content and uncensored photos and videos in their Private Feeds.

How do I know if the model offers a premium Snapchat?

You will find the Model's content offer at the top of her Profile Page.

If a model offers a premium Snapchat, how long will it take before I am added?

Please allow for 24-48 hours

How do I post my photos and videos?

Viamo is only available for models and photographers to post content. If you are a model or photographer, you can apply here.

How do I message models and photographers directly?

This function is only available for each model's subscribers. If you are a subscriber, you will find a Message Icon at the top right of your screen.

How do I cancel my account?

Simply click the CANCEL ACCOUNT button in your settings menu OR visit and follow the instructions there.

Do you have a question that wasn't answered here?

  • You can send a direct message the site administrator by clicking here;
  • Or, you can email us at